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Activities of the Station

  • Seed & Nursery programme

Seed and nursery programme aims at the production and distribution of quality seeds and planting materials of paddy, vegetables, spices, fruits and ornamental plants. The production of pepper rooted cuttings, clove and nutmeg is taken up under Central Sector Scheme. Eight nursery structures were constructed under the Central Sector Scheme. A climate controlled green House has been constructed at this station. Rapid multiplication technology is now adopted fro the production of planting materials of recently released varieties of pepper. The sale receipts from the nursery has exceed 12 lakhs annually.

  • Plant Biotechnology Centre

A plant biotechnology centre was started at this station for the large scale production of planting materials of spices and other plantation crops. The centre concentrates on the mass production of high value crops like vanilla, all spice and ornamental crops like anthurium, orchids, etc.

  • AICRP on Spices

This station is identified as centre under the All India Co-ordinated Research Project on Spices by ICAR. Two projects viz. Multilocational trial on black pepper and Multilocational trial on cinnamon are allotted to this station.

  • Agrometeorological Advisory Service

An agrometeorological advisory service is functioning at this station as an externally aided project.

  • Dairy and Rabbitory

A small diary and rabbitory unit is functioning at the station for demonstration-cum-training purposes.

  • Mushroom Unit

A mushroom unit is functioning at the station. Training on mushroom production as well as distribution of mushroom spawn is carried out under this unit.

  • Research and Extension Activities

18 approved research projects on various crops like spices, rice, vegetables, coffee, medicinal plants, rubber (collaborative with Rubber Research Institute, Kottayam) are in operation at the station. The station is rendering agro advisory services to the farmers at the station and also in the field on problems, brought by the farmers and the extension personnel. The station in association with KVK imparts training (both on campus and off campus) on various aspects of crop and animal husbandry to the farmers, extension works of the development departments, banks etc. Joint field visits with officials of the department of Agriculture on specific problem is also done. The scientists of the station are also involved in the Peoples Campaign for democratic planning. The Head of station is a member of the DLEC, Member of expert committee on Agriculture at the district level and also Chairman of the expert committee on Agriculture at Block level. The other scientists are members of BLEC and expert committee on Agriculture at Block Level.